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 If you are in desperate need of a plumber ( In the Cape Town area) Then you have arrived at what is, with out questions the most valuable plumbing service on the net.


Here's why: Back in September of 2014,  I faced a few  problems finding a qualified plumbing professional. There is such an  increasing number of competition in todays market that its becoming challenging for the customer to decipher which plumbing company is worthy of hiring. I personally had a number of bad bad experiences and complaints with the plumber "cheap" plumbers. So reached out to my dear friend who new a few guys from the Uk who practiced the trade for years and later migrated to South Africa.


   Since then, I have received thousands upon thousands complaints from people telling me how great there services are and hows they have helped  saved house holds and companies (sometimes tens of millions) of Rands by there skilled craftsmanship and urgent responsiveness.  Check below of some of the services they can do.


Choose any of our plumbing services below

We solve a huge range of plumbing problems. This way you can continue living or conducting business absolute certainty that our plumbing consultants can attend any matter

Inspection and Maintenance

24/7 Urgent Plumbing repairs

Commercial Plumbing repairs

We provide the best in quality maintenance and thorough inspection services in the entire Cape Town.We operate with the mantra "attention to detail" in everything we do

Let us handle these stressful, overwhelming moments by calling our plumbers.​ We provide 24hr plumbers because we know plumbing services may be required when you least expect it.

If you have plumbing requirements for any commercial project let our skilled, certified plumbers consult with your company in order to  complete on time with peace of mind

Appliance Installations

Clogged Drains

Water Leakage repairs

Don't let the big box store sell you on all the bells and whistles during your purchase of the appliance. We'll get the job done right the first time and you'll be washing dishes in style in no time.

Do not ignore these clogged drains as they can lead to severe emergencies if not handled properly.  The last thing you need is minor clog in your toilet turn into a complete burst in the pipe. , we'll locate it and fix it in a timely  manner.

If you delay and "small" leak, it could later tern into a disaster if there water coming out of your tap, even after you have switched it off . You could be experiencing a leaking or burst pipe that needs to be attended to by a professional

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Get The Best Diagnostic Review For All Cars. The Maxisys Pro

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We Provide Plumbing Services To These Areas In Cape Town

We would be doing a dis service if I didn't give you the opportunity to work with our plumbing consultants. This is why we can provide services to you all through out Cape Town

Here are just a few areas were we can connect you with our experienced plumbing consults.

  • Cape Town CBD
  • Wynberg
  • Houtebay
  • Camps Bay
  • Green Point
  • Sear Point
  • Wood Stock
  • Parklands
  • Claremont
  • Brackenfield
  • Belleville
  • Good Wood
  • Salt River
  • Milnerton
  • Kuiles River
  • Plum Stead
  • Ottery
  • Newlands
  • Pinelands
  • Tamboerskloof
  • Bo-Kaap
  • De Waterkant
  • Gardens
  • Llandudno
  • Walmer Estate
  • Oranjezicht
  • Zonnebloem
  • Simon's Town
  • Gordon's Bay
  • Athlone

24/7  Access

  • Urgent Response Teams- Have you ever work up with your floor completely flooded? It can be a dreadful experience. All of your valuable belongings ... damaged! If this is you.. You really need to stop reading this and call us immediately ! In crucial times like this its imperative to rely on a company that has an equipped team that knows how to quickly investigate and get to the root of the problems.
  • Availability Guaranteed - If you  live in any of these areas and have any uncertainty about your curret plumbing situation that suddenly arises, please feel free to call  Plumbers Near Me at a 076 921 0241. We have a huge network of trained and experienced pluming advisors that are at your disposal.

Our Rolodex Of Plumbers Near Your are Available Right Now

Not only are our Cape Town plumbers are highly qualified for the best plumbing services, we also operate 24 hours a day because we know plumbing emergencies can occur at any momen

Its important to know that we are willing to take your call at any time.  And not necessarily because we are an awesome company to work with, but because of our ability to service your plumbing needs with a matter of urgency.  We take pride in  our ability to consult , prevent  furthers disasters and and more importantly execute on a professional level. And I regularly communicate with many of the best plumbers in Cape Town , so  I have a good indication of who are the "bad apples" and who are a good reputable companies to collaborate with. In any case, I'm only telling you all this to let you know who we are and what we can do for you.  I'm not bragging, there's no need. We have some big commercial clients who do the bragging for us.    Therefore, I've been content to remain in search of the best plumbers to work with.  You may be surprised if I go to the extent to have these guys service my own premises. just to make sure that the consultant im referring you is someone who is 100 percent reliable and trustworthy.  Our plumbers are extremely experienced in water heater repairs and installations, sewer line repair, as well as your generic plumbing maintenance requirements.

Our professional Cape Town  plumbers are prepared to attend to your urgent needs 24/7. I personally know from experience that at the most unexpected times a serious leakage in a pipe or toilet repair can ruin your most prized possessions ( furniture, Laptop, Carpet, Documents) .So With that in mind, we are are literally waiting for your call ( right now) to quickly get to your locations..  If you are experiencing high water bills, or are hearing abnormal noises from an appliance in your home, these are good indications to call the local plumbers Plumbers Near Me.

We can help you with your new appliance installations

We know not everyone needs a professional when it comes to installing appliances in the home.  However, if you are  you are looking for an honest & professional company to install or replace your home appliances, we would love to take this burden off you. Our plumbing advisors have install over a whopping  800 appliances in homes and businesses in the Cape Town and surrounding . We’ve worked on various types projects, from remodeling jobs in 100-year old houses to brand new homes with state of the art appliances.  Hopefully this can give you some assurance that we know what the heck we are doing. Let us install your brand new appliance into your home or business: from gas washers and dryers- to even complete kitchens.


We can find and fix the problem with your clogged drains

Once you contact us, we will send a professional plumbing advisor to your site to complete a full inspection . Heck we are so good we can almost find the clogged with our eyes closed

In  the lifetime of a your home or business, the bathrooms probably get the most use of use  amount of traffic that goes in and out every day. There are a few things you can do before calling us out to fix your clogged drain. Try pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain . The put about 1/2 c. of baking soda and wait for about 3-4 minutes. After this pour a mixture of viniger (1c)and and more hot water (1c) down the drain . ( Make sure you cover up the drain plug to keep the reaction of the chemicals below the drains surface.  Then let it set for about 10 minutes. Lastly insert for the last time a pot of boiling hot water.  The explanations on why this works is because the treatment will loosen up all the grimy "yucki" stuff thats hanging near the bottom of your drain. The  the chemical reaction will ultimately "jolt" it all loose and the final rinse will make the stuff go by bye.


But hey, if that doesn't work and your find yourself in ankle-deep water (before I even have a chance to shave your legs) , just call one of our handy plumbers that are ready to take your call when your toilet or sink or bathtub has seen its last days .

We love solving commercial plumbing repair leaks

When your business is experiencing serious water leakage, you will be surprised how well we manage your plumbing problem.

Weather you need a plumbing insurance claim, solar installation, or fire-main installation.. Plumbers Near Me has the proper consultants that will help you make the best educated decisions regarding your commercial plumbing needs. We also have "master plumbing technicians" with years' plumbing experience  that  will  accurately  identify the man cause of your plumbing problems. We use the latest plumbing equipment  that will assist in finding the  source of leaking pipes, fittings, blocked drains, burst of hot water cylinders, and general plumbing routine check ups.  Our commercial plumbing teams have pleased many business owners so much, that with very little promotion our workmanship has been refereed to many successful business operations across Cape Town.


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